World's  Most  Unique Breeds  of Cats


Discover the gorgeous Ocicat if you love wild cat markings. His beautiful feral-esque patterns resemble a wild ocelot, but his demeanour is nothing like these savage predators. 

Selkirk Rex

You'll want to cuddle with this cat. The curly-haired Selkirk Rex may gladly comply. Short- or long-coated cats are among the calmer cats. Like other cats, they like to play but also relax on their owner's lap. 


This bald cat is one of the most unusual breeds. A genetic abnormality gave the Sphynx a hairless body that feels like a peach. Though their wrinkled faces appear worried, these cats are clownish entertainers that love attention. 


If Sphynx cats aren't distinctive enough, try the tiny Minskin. By breeding hairless Sphynx with beautiful Munchkins, this breed produces a short-legged, bald cat resembling the dachshund of cats.


The Singapura arrived in the US in the 1970s from Singapore. Usually around 4-8 pounds, these tiny cats are distinctive. Small size, large ears, and huge eyes make Singapuras cute. 


Few of these odd cats will appear in your lifetime. Few Peterbald breeders make these intriguing cats one of the rarest in the world. Russian-born Peterbalds might be hairless or have short “peach fuzz” hair.

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