World's Smallest Dog Breeds - Tiny and Cutest Dog Breeds With Pictures

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Check your pulse if this joyful, kind little dog doesn't charm you. The happy, adaptable, loving Cavalier has heart-melting twinkling eyes and is a great companion. Despite measuring 13–18 pounds, this lovely little bundle has much to appreciate.


The Cuban national dog is loved globally for his charm, liveliness, and intelligence. His silky coat, arching tail, and lively movement make him charming. He's strong and energetic, whether he's playing agility or rally or warming your lap.


Pug owners know that people stop to admire their dogs as they go down the street. Their adorable monkey features and square bodies or their naughty, endearing attitudes are equally appealing.

Bichon Frise

This little ball of fluff is the cutest, so we could nearly stop here. His dark, inquiring eyes, energy, and happy personality make the Bichon Frise attractive. Additionally, the breed is hypoallergenic.

Italian Greyhound

Some prefer fluffy canines, but others prefer the sleek and elegant Italian Greyhound. At just over one foot tall, this Greyhound is graceful, gentle, and affectionate.


Papillons' joyful, alert personalities will win you over if their butterfly ears don't. The breed excels in grace, daintiness, and energy. The Papillon is stronger than he seems and loves dog sports, tricks, and being your adorable sidekick.

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