Zodiac Signs That Are The Worst & Most Evil


Libra stinks because they overact. That's okay—they prefer order and beauty, which could help when decorating.


Leo backstabs till the end, making you so nervous that your mind spins. They will be the first to tell you something horrible in the name of "teaching you a lesson" because they want to help you be your best.


Sorry, but Virgos frequently fail. Give them a chance to criticize someone and they'll be the first to wound or hurt someone's heart. Unfortunately, they disrupt minds.


Aquarius can leave someone in the lurch with their dishonesty and betrayal. Best to avoid, even in emergencies, but Aquarius can think creatively.


Aries are brilliant, so they hide their meanness, and they stink. Their problem is that they are great at being cruel. However, Aries is your most trusted buddy, so you only feel the heat when you cross them.


Scorpios adore being the worst. Your suffering makes them happy, so more is better. They enjoy being the hit-and-run driver who laughs at the crime scene, so their agony is not only emotional.


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